I didn't receive an order confirmation email. What happened?

If you reached the "Order Successful" page on fleetfeet.com but haven't received an order confirmation email, one of the following may have occurred:

  • Payment authorization: your order may be being reviewed for security purposes. In this case, an order confirmation will not be sent until it has been released by the fraud protection team. This typically takes less than 8 hours, but occasionally can take a day or more.
  • Incorrect email entered: if the email address used to place the order was entered incorrectly, the order confirmation can't be delivered. Please contact us if you believe this is the case, and we will get your account information updated, as well as confirm your order details.
  • Waiting time: typically order confirmations are sent immediately, but if it has been less than 5 minutes since order placement, a bit more time may be needed before you receive it. If it has been more than 30 minutes, one of the above scenarios is likely. For any additional questions on order confirmations, please contact us.

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