How do I apply my rewards coupon to my online order?

To apply your $15 rewards to an online order you must be signed in during checkout. There is an option to sign into your account at the time of checkout, or you can sign in prior to checking out while you are shopping. (Please note: your account must use the same email address as your rewards account.)

Once logged in, you should see your rewards listed on the right side of the screen beneath the gift card/discount code field. You will have the option to apply a single $15 reward or multiple, depending on how much credit is currently available in your rewards account. Simply click the amount that you want applied to your order and the proper code will populate in the discount code box. If rewards are not showing up, try logging out of your account and then logging back in. This action should trigger any missing rewards information to populate.screenshoteasy_-_2023-05-26T165222.376.png

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